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Leadership and Coaching Programs

​Coaching helps Christian leaders to engage God in their personal, ministry and business lives. Coaches help leaders to:

  • Set leadership, ministry and life goals

  • Identify high-impact strategies and focus on top priorities for maximum ministry and marketplace impact

  • Apply biblical principles to work, business and personal situations

KingdomVision Coaching

This half-day interactive communication training enhances professional conduct, boosts team morale and increases retention. Our facilitator teaches staff members, ministry leaders and volunteers to:

  • Resolve conflicts using verbal and non-verbal communication techniques

  • Learn two-way communication strategies to positively impact your organization

  • Draw people to your mission and ministry using connectional communication strategies

Leadership Communication

KWY is personal and spiritual development program. KWY facilitators guide participants to discover and explore:

  • The way God has designed your personality

  • How God has used experiences to shape your character

  • God's dreams, destiny and desires for your life

  • Your God-given vision to positively impact other people 

Program delivery formats can include weekly classes, workshops, training, group coaching, and webinars. 

The Kingdom is Within You (KWY)

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