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Divinely Orchestrated_ Key Leadership Pr

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Are you a ministry looking to unlock the leadership potential for your life, your team or your church?

Maybe you are a great manager looking to live out Christian leadership principles in your workplace?


Or you may be a marketplace leader determined to walk out your faith while leading in an increasingly diverse organization? 


Divinely Orchestrated teaches six principles designed to increase the capacity for leadership.  This resource will discuss "key" leadership lessons learned through periods of personal, group, and organizational transformation. These lessons reflect principles of spirituality from the experience of Christian leaders. These principles apply if you are new to working with groups or if you have been leading for 30 years.


Read Divinely Orchestrated to explore the life of Biblical leaders and how God's hand guided them along their journeys. I will also reveal leadership secrets that have helped me to build top performing and highly engaged teams as a music director, leadership coach, and consultant.  

Complete the form to the right to learn 6 key leadership principles for individual and organizational transformation. 

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